The Brass Cello Endpin™ & Musical Instruments

Ever imagine Audio Points mounted to a grand piano?

Many years ago this experiment was conducted. The results were breathtaking in that the instrument truly became more the player. It was as if the piano became a living part of the musician's fingers – absolute percussion!

Realizing there is more to Live-Vibe Technology™ than previously imagined, in 2000 our colleague Thomas DeVuono set out on a path of discovery taking this technical approach to a new horizon involving floor born instruments with the initial target being the cello.

Thomas DeVuono Star Sound Research and Development Board - The discovery of the Tone Acoustics Cello EndPin:

"The sound of proper mechanical grounding, benefits of geometry and material selection is what we are after.

The cello endpin must display the connective tissue of accurate decay that translates from note to note. This application to a live instrument provides a greater frequency range, higher acoustic stage volume and presence with a greater sense of correct sound for the musician. The instrument simply sounds more alive.

Instruments too can easily be over damped and disconnected from their own material surfaces. When not properly grounded these instruments cannot radiate all their energy in a focused coherent manner. If the instrument is decoupled from the potential and intended grounding plane then all the acoustic boundaries are not being fully utilized from this one faulty disconnect".

Mr. DeVuono's Patented invention came to market early this year and is currently positioned among many concert cellists and music students alike.

Star Sound is currently involved in the research, design and targeted product development for additional musical instruments such as Tympani, Vibraphone, Marimba, Drum Kit, Bass Clarinet and the Grand Piano.

Listed below are a few testimonials from a group of skilled musicians noting the sound generated from use of The Brass Cello Endpin™.

If you know a cellist, please refer them to this product. They will experience a greater sonic presentation through personal performance. Being involved in music production and working with musicians for the better part of my life I will state for the record, there is no greater reward for a producer, sound engineer or inventor other than to see a musician smile. This innovative performance driven product does just that !
Robert Maicks President-Star Sound Technologies, LLC

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