APCD2  Coupling Disc

  • APCD2

Despite Providing Surface Protection, the 'optional' APCD2 is designed to draw the energy away from the Audio Point™, further enhancing the Audio Points™ performance and grounding speed. Not recommended for use on carpeted surfaces.

For Sistrum Platforms - See Coupling Disc Installation Instructions (Red Button located on all Sistrum Model Details)

Listener's Comments

Let the product longevity and sales history speak for itself. The APCD2 has stood the test of time.

APCD2 Coupling Disc

Price: $ 19.99

Body Height: .125"
Flange Diameter: 1.0"


From 1989 to 1991 Star Sound provided a small surface protection disc free of charge when purchasing any Audio Point™ package. We had to state for the record that the APSD Surface Discs would deter or have a negative effect on the audible sound quality generated from the Audio Point. The engineers took approximately two years to complete the development of a product that did not alter the sound of the Audio Point. The replacement was titled the APCD2 Coupling Disc.

The APCD2's geometrical design draws energy away from the tip of the Audio Point providing a calculated speed of resonance transfer and decay time while transferring the resonant energy to the plane the disc resides on. In most cases the APCD2 and Audio Point combination provides more sound quality when used in unison.

Considering the weight of brass and machining time used in producing the APCD2, we no longer provide them free of charge. However, be assured that for the low price we now charge, the value and integrity of the result far outweigh the financial outlay.

Additional Benefits:

The APCD2 has earned a reputation for being one of the finest coupling discs manufactured. They are reported to extend the performance of other spiked footer systems as well and that achievement was never considered a goal of this design.

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